Eddie wasn’t always the dapper chap you see swanning around in his fine suits and immaculately pressed shirts. The beginnings of this seemingly respectable young man are somewhat more humble…

Eddie’s obsession with suits began when he worked as a Turkish cotton picker from the age of 8 months. Swapped for a goat and two bags of penny chews by his parents, Idwyn Akkyrli (his adopted name) had a hard upbringing, developing mighty calluses on his fingers from working at the plantation all day. It wouldn’t be until he managed to fashion a bass guitar out of fresh cotton and packing crates that he would find a more creative use for those calluses.

After spending his spare 8 hours each month from the plantation playing his makeshift instrument, Idwyn began impressing his fellow workers with his grooves, and he decided to leave his work for the sunny shores of England, where he wanted to become a busker. As a leaving present, his friends made him a suit fashioned from the spare bits of cotton that were clogging the drains of the warehouse floors.

Idwyn arrived in England, and dedcided to change his name to Eddie, to try to attract more money from passers by. It wasn’t until he moved on to the streets of Derby that Joe found him playing a bass guitar version of Beethoven’s sixth symphony, and immediately decided that Eddie must join him in a quest for musical showmanship.

Eddie doesn’t like to talk about his previous life, and if you ask him, he will pretend he doesn’t know what you are on about, maybe because it was too traumatic, or maybe because he has tried to forget. Whatever the reason, Eddie is now happy playing bass for This way, GO! and commenting on the quality of people’s linens.

Fun Fact #382

Eddie can see ultra violet light.

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